Reasons & Ways To Control Rising Premium For Home Insurance

October 23, 2020

While you choose to renew your home insurance policy and get surprised to see revised or rather increased premium rate. Yes, this happens and baffles a lot of us. How can the premium keep on increasing for the same home? Well, there can be a series of reasons why home insurance premiums increase:

  • Low Credit Score

Your credit score plays a very important role in deciding the home insurance premiums. So in case you have missed a few payments and messed up your credit score, this will reflect in your revised premium rates.

  • Claims History

If you have made a lot of small claims in the past, then also your home insurance premium rates might be increased by the insurance provider.

  • Rising Crime In Your Area

The trend of crime also impacts the rate of premium charged by the insurance providers. So if there is an increase in the rate of crime, then it will impact the rate of premium.

  • New Risks

If you add more value to your home, then also the premium rate can rise as home insurance doesn’t just cover the value of land but also the value of your home. By adding value we mean that if you renovate your home, redo the interiors or construct something such as a swimming pool.

  • Can you do something to control the rising premium?

Well, the good news is that you can. Here are 3 ways in which you can control rising premium for home insurance.

  • Increase Your Policy Deductible

In simple terms, insurance deductible is the amount that you are willing to pay or can afford to cover in case of damage before the insurance company starts paying on the claim. All claims with a value less than equal to the deductible shall be solely borne by the insured. Any amount over the deductible is payable by the Insurance Company. If you increase your insurance deductible, you will not be making each and every small claim, which will considerably keep a check on the premium rates.

  • Improve Your Credit Score

A healthy credit score assures the insurance provider of your payment capacity and thus they charge average home insurance premium. Make sure you don’t miss any EMIs, don’t charge close to the limit of your credit card, don’t open too many credit accounts, maintain a healthy balance in your account and pay all your bills on time.

  • Check The Risk Factor Of Your Home

More the risk, more the premium. This simple formula can help you keep your home insurance premium in control. Make sure you maintain your home properly, get wiring checked regularly, ensure the security of your house by the installation of CCTV camera, 24*7 Security guards etc., keep valuables like jewelry etc. in the bank locker, and most importantly protect your house with one or more firefighting facility. When you make your home more secure, then you can keep a check on the home insurance premium rates.

With, enjoy the innumerable benefits of hassle-free home insurance. With cashless claims, 24X7 assistance, and cheapest premium rates, can be the perfect guard for your cherished home.


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