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We heartily welcome you to our website. It is our endeavor to make our website as user-friendly as we can. The rich experience of more than 10 years in the insurance domain has made it possible for us to simplify complicated insuranWe heartily welcome you to our website. It is our endeavor to make our website as user-friendly as we can. The rich experience of more than 10 years in the insurance domain has made it possible for us to simplify complicated insurance terms for you and help you to choose the right product from the comfort from your home. Our website www.policyhunt.in is designed to assist you with fulfilling all your insurance needs. You as a user of our website agree to the following terms and conditions, so it is very important for you to read them carefully. We have a full right to make needful corrections/changes/modifications in the terms and conditions page, therefore we suggest you to visit this page from time to time in order to get aware of the most recent changes in this page. The usage of any functionality of our website shows your acceptance to the Terms and Conditions.

Description of Services

Policyhunt.in strives to provide its users with the best possible information about Life Insurance and General Insurance products to help them make better comparisons and choose the right product. As a policy seeker you are always welcome to our website. You can conveniently get your desired policy through us by just filling in the required forms and providing some necessary documents to us. It is our great pleasure to assist you while completing your proposal form, submitting your documents and getting involved in undergoing any medical tests, if any. Our representatives also give our valuable support during the time of the verification of the same (guiding you that every detail in the form is filled properly with genuine information). At Policyhunt.in, we also reserve the right to share your details with our partners who are liable for approaching you while informing about the new products and improving the sales through telephone, e-mail and/or SMS.

Service Limitations

Our website contains statements regarding the terms of insurance policies which might claim to offer many such benefits and offers which are actually not covered under those policies. Some of these statements are given to provide our users with a short summary of the insurance policies that can be obtained through Policyhunt.in. However, you should always read the exact terms of the insurance policy you intend to purchase before making your final decision since all the insurance policies are not the same. The information about the products sold through our website is available to our users. In this regard, no materials/supplies from our portal or any other website operated, owned, or controlled by us may be transmitted, posted, or republished in any way. We allow you to download the material displayed on our portal for your personal use only. Users are not permitted to remove any copyright and other useful proprietary notices discussed on the website. You are also not allowed to link, transmit and modify the content available on our website for the public or commercial purposes without our written permission. This content can be in the form of images, text, audio and video. The insurance company has a right to recover any levies and duties imposed by the government authority from the proposer or policyholder. Users are recommended to have a look at the proposal form to know more about the exact fees and charges of the policies.

Refund Policy Process

At our easy-to-navigate portal, we also give you an opportunity to send us an email on the e-mail ID mentioned in the insurance policy papers in case if you are not happy with the products/services offered by either Policyhunt.in or the insurance company. The insurance company will process your refund as per their respective refund policies. It is better to communicate with them directly in order to smoothen the entire Refund Policy Process.

Claim Settlement Assistance

Policyhunt.in will not be responsible at all for the claim settlement in any manner. Although our representatives will surely assist you in forwarding your case to the insurance company, we through our company don’t take any responsibility for any party involved in case the claim settlement process is honored, or declined.

Trademarks & Copyright

All trade names, icons, logos, trademarks and domain names displayed on this portal are the sole property of Policyhunt.in. It is highly prohibited for users to use any “Marks” shown on this website for any purposes including, but not limited to the usage as “Metatags” on other pages or websites on the internet without the written permission of our company. We have protected all the information and content including the software programs available on our portal through copyright. Users are also strictly prohibited to publish, license, display, transmit, distribute, copy, modify, create derivative works or take an attempt to use any content available on or through our website for public or commercial purposes.

We Respect Your Feedback

At Policyhunt.in, we respect the feedback received from our users. So, please feel free to share it with us to serve you better. We don’t assume any liability for reviewing any unsolicited ideas. You are advised not to reveal any trade secrets or other confidential and important information in your messages to our company.

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