Traveling To Canada? Then This Is What You Should Know About The Travel Insurance

October 23, 2020

There are many Indians staying in Canada and we adore to travel there for vacation or to meet families. Before you plan your next trip to this land of lakes, skiing destinations, mountains, and vacation spots, here is how travel insurance for Canada can make your trip hassle-free. While planning a holiday, we tend to overlook the grim aspects and often ask ourselves – ‘Why do I need travel insurance?’ Well, here is why:

  • Hospital Cover

In Canada, if unfortunately, you fall sick and need to be admitted to the hospital, your insurance cover will ensure 24×7 hospital assistance, emergency evacuation, hospital stay and medicine bills as well as surgery cost.

  • Baggage Loss

Imagine yourself stranded in Canada with nothing to your name. Well, if you take travel insurance, you will be reimbursed for baggage loss which is very common these days.

  • Change Of Plans

If you cut short your trip, you will be reimbursed for the ticket expenses due to change of plan. Similarly, if due to illness or injury, you are forced to extend your stay, then also you will be reimbursed for extended hotel stay as well as for the ticket.

  • Car Accident

Canada is best explored when you drive. However, there can be accidents or your car can get stolen. Your travel insurance for Canada from India will cover any accidental damage to the car, or to you and your co-travelers.

  • Credit Card Default

If you fall victim to credit card fraud in Canada, your travel insurance will help you by replacing your card and preventing further discrepancies.

  • Permanent Disability

God forbid if you meet with an accident that causes permanent disability, your travel insurance plan will include reimbursement for this loss for a period of over 12 months after you return from the trip.

  • Single and multi-trip insurance

You can opt for single trip insurance or multi-trip insurance. If you are going on a holiday, then single trip insurance is recommended. The maximum limit for a single trip under the single trip travel insurance policy is 180 days. If you frequently visit Canada, then multi-trip insurance can make life easier. The maximum limit for one trip under the multi-trip travel insurance policy can range from 30 to 45 days and the policy remains valid for 365 days.

Is travel insurance mandatory for Canada? Technically it isn’t but it does help in getting visa easily as immigration office prefers the visitors to be secured with travel insurance. With, you can be assured of the cost of travel insurance in Canada to be affordable. With 24X7 assistance and cashless claims, you can venture tension-free to Canada.


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